MXJO 18350 700mAh 10.5A Battery

These are the newest version of the MXJO IMR Safe chemistry LiMN 3.7V rechargeable batteries in an 10.5A 18350 700MAH size. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe to use in series / multi-cell applications. Can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with 4.2V output.

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MXJO IMR18350F 700mAh 10.5A Unprotected Flat top
Without protection circuit! Not for torches! Do not buy if you do not know what you are doing!
Do not load above 4.2V
Do not turn the + and -
Do not heat the battery.
Do not short circuit
Keep away from water.
To store for longer periods store below 45 ° C.
Not discharge below 3V

Please charge this battery with a quality li-ion battery charger before first use;
Do not keep or use this battery in high temperature or humid environment;
Operating Temperature: Charge 0℃~45℃, Discharge -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Do not use this battery if there is weeping, bulging or any other problem;
Do not throw this battery into fire or water, or it may fire or explode;
Do not crush, hit or impact this battery;
Do not disassemble this battery;
Keep out of reach of children;
Battery will be hot when it works, please take it carefully after use;
If this battery has not been used for a long time(>3months), please charge it before using it again;
If the electrolyte goes into eyes, please wash eyes immediately and go for a medical treatment.


• Capacity: 700mAh
• Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
• Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 10.5A
• Max. Pulse Discharge Current: 14A
• Dimensions: 34.66*18.24MM (+/-0.05)mm
• Operating Discharge Temperature: -10 to 60 Degrees Celsius
• Standard Charge: CC/CV
• Cycle Life: > 500 cycles
• Weight: 35g

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